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Zombies, QE, and FLP / Sharon Zollner

Episode Summary

Sharon Zollner, chief economist with ANZ joins me in today’s show to discuss Zombie companies, quantitative easing, and this new thing you may not have heard of yet – the funding for lending program, of FLP.

Episode Notes

If you own property and have mortgage debt, if you invest in publicly traded companies, if you’re retired and trying to live off savings - the environment has been changing for some time, but we’ve just had years of change within just a few month. Your investment strategy should take into account the change already occurring – but that’s not the same as saying you should change your strategy because of your environment though.

In today's show we cover off some of the reason's why the Reserve Bank is doing what they are doing and some of the consequence of them acting/not acting. 

SPECIAL NOTICE TO PROPERTY BUYERS: I’d really like to hear about some of your experiences or challenges you had recently if you’ve bought, are buying, or about to buy a home. Your input could inspire, or be used, to create a new property related series this summer. It could be your first or your fifth – I want to know what it was like in the auction room, how you received guidance along the way, some of the things you wish you knew from the start legal stuff, real estate agent stuff, finance stuff, or anything really. If you’re okay with hearing your voice on the podcast – here’s what you can do. 1- make sure that you’re following the NZ everyday investor on Facebook; 2 – send me a video or voice-message using the messenger app, no more than 2 mins long, which either tells a story or asks a property-related question. That’s it – that’s all you need to do – I’ll use this for inspiration and may include the clip you provide too. Thanks in advance!


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