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What's an NFT and Why Should You Care? Ep 201

Episode Summary

NFT (Non Fungible Tokens): Yet another breadcrumb from our future. What started out in the world of gaming and collectibles, won't stop there.

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NFT's have the potential to change everything about how unique items can have standardised value, and 'bridged' to the digital world

This isn't a gimmick - I thought it was a bit when I first heard about it - one of the reasons for the delay in covering this perhaps. As it turns out, no one is immune from being closed-minded!


Heard of an NFT? 

History / Examples of NFTs from back in 2017 

Crypto Kitties 

Crypto Punks 

Current hot NFTs collectables (Brands love it for ownership and ongoing royalties) 

Bored apes 

NBA Top shots 

Disney Marvel 

The Matrix 

Digital fashion NFTs collectables 

Adidas Nike (digital fashion) 

Puma The Fabricant 

Wilder world shoes 

Yield generating NFTs Wilder World cars - lease and stake your cars back to the game 

Axie infinity - breed Axies, battle 

Virtual Land ownership 

Prices of these NFTs 

Beeple $69 Million most expensive sold at auction 

Bored Apes - revenue turnover. / resale royalties Since April 2021 

The future of NFTs

Vaccine Passport 

Fractionalised Ownership 

Intelligent NFTs 

Yield generating NFTs


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