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What is Invest Now?

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What is Invest Now? Mike Heath, GM of Invest Now, joins me to discuss.

Episode Notes

What's the problem? For the self-directed investor, there's a bit of work to do in order to access and manage your investments. Accounts with various banks, potentially a share-trading account, a couple of online platforms perhaps. Different credentials to recall and most annoying, AML/ CFT (compliance / ID checks) process to go through each time.

What's Invest Now? It's a simple and affordable way to access multiple investment options in one place.

Mike Heath joins me on a discussion that we had when I went down to Wellington recently, via Christchurch (no, it's not on the way).

These online investment platforms are popping up everywhere it seems - they all work a little different to each other and they serve a different community of DIY investors out there. I'm learning about them at the moment so hopefully, this is of interest to you also:

Here are some key 'light-bulb' moments covered in this episode:

It's great to see online investment platforms grow in popularity - There will likely be much innovation happening in digital advice and robo-advice space in the coming years. Will financial advisers be made redundant as this trend roles on? No, but I do think the role of an adviser needs to change dramatically. Removing friction is what these platforms do well, but the easier it is to get in, the easier it is to get out of investments also - perhaps the biggest strength is also their biggest weakness - enter the new breed of financial advisers.


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