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The Intelligent, Lazy, Investor / Cole Hauptfuhrer

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“Twenty years in this business convinces me that any normal person using the customary three percent of the brain can pick stocks just as well, if not better, than the average Wall Street expert.” — Peter Lynch

Episode Notes

There’s 4 types of investors out there, well, there is according to our guest today – You can be:




or you can be intelligent and lazy

In a financial world dominated by hard-working and smart voices, it’s hard to get guidance around money matters without feeling like you’re not doing enough, or you’re not smart enough. 

In today’s show, my guest is Cole Hauptfuhrer. Cole learned how to gamble at the age he started school. He learnt how to invest on a boat, then over 4 years he increased his investments more than 12-fold while beating The S&P 500 by more than 1,150%. Cole believes in focus investing – focus investors invest infrequently, and only invest when they possess high conviction that the odds are heavily in their favor, and then they bet big. I guess there’s the connection to gambling. The difference between gambling though (where the house always wins) and investing – is that it’s possible find positions where the probability and magnitude of a gain is stacked in your favour. 

Cole is really passionate about putting out content to help people take trans-formative action, at scale, without getting hurt

To quote Cole himself, "Investing's hardest actions are to research, buy, and hold.” This is surely the mantra of any intelligent, yet lazy investor

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Please note that Cole is not a registered or authorized financial adviser and is not on the Financial Services Provider Register (FSPR). As with any guest  or topic on this show, listeners need to do their own research. I will continually have guests on that have a broad range of views that may challenge me and others, but this is not a specific endorsement in any way to acquire of dispose of their services. 


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