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Power to the People/ Ep 175 / Mark Pascall

Episode Summary

Our core of self-worth starts from within, extends to our partner, then to our family, our wider family, then our place of work - it starts from inside, then moves outwards. Why then, do we look to big business. or worse, big Government, to be the solution our needs from the outside inwards? It's idealistic for sure, but wouldn't a stronger community foster the creation of wealth, care for the commons, and distribute resource more efficiently and in a way that's aligned with the interest of the everyday investor?

Episode Notes

Now as s a warm-up to this show, you may wish to check out what is a Stablecoin Ep 156 and what is De-centralised Finance Ep 120 and no, before you’re tempted to skip this one, It’s not actually about Bitcoin or anything too fringy today.

If you know that growing wealth does not equal getting rich, then this is the episode for you - Today, it's all about exploring the imbalance of the three core pillars of society, that of the community.

We're going to hear how in Cannon's Creek, which is about 22 kms north of Wellington. There's a quiet experiment going on here  which relies on technology that's already transforming mainstream finance and has the potential to disrupt Government also.

Mark Pascall is my guest today - he heads up the Wellbeing Protocol. If you'd like to learn more or financially contribute, perhaps make a documentary even, reach out to Mark. 

The book mentioned in the show is the The Third Pillar.

Traditional finance has a hard time coming to grips with the credible threat that De-centralised finance brings with it. Just like the monopoly money of today is being challenged by technology that came from a community, governance in and of itself, is the next space to be disrupted. Blockchain technology, within the next 5 years, will radically transform every part of our lives - ignoring it makes you subject to it - getting on board now, could just give you a seat at the table of the future. Or something like that.


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