NZ Everyday Investor

Making Small Business Bigger / Adrienne Church

Episode Summary

Making a business bigger takes a lot of input - outside of what the entrepreneur brings to the table, often funding is required. How does small businesses grow into bigger businesses though, when they slip through the cracks of traditional, mainstream banks?

Episode Notes

Adrienne Church, the General Manager of Prospa New Zealand joins me to discuss how 'cashflow funding' works and how small to medium-sized enterprises grow using this tool.

Many Kiwi's build wealth through business.

97% of all businesses in NZ are considered a SME (Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises).

30% of all Kiwi's are employed by businesses with less than 9 employees.

Not only do business owners build wealth through their enterprise, but indirectly they are responsible for producing income for a large chunk of the NZ workforce.

Adrienne talks to me about the role of debt in building wealth. Many often think that debt is the opposite of wealth. This is ironic, especially when you understand that most investments are denominated in a currency, which is technically debt!

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