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Building wealth starts with a Kernel / Dean Anderson

Episode Summary

Building wealth starts with a Kernel - Dean Anderson, founder of Kernel Wealth joins me to discuss the merits of investing through a long term lens.

Episode Notes

Kernel, a new digital platform that provides low cost access to investments for everyday Kiwi's.

Dean Anderson is the founder and CEO of one of the newest online digital investment platforms now available in New Zealand.

Newsflash! Kernel are doing some roadshows around index investing this November - if you want to learn more about this type of investing, check out

Here are some points from this episode worth noting:

Advice on product or advice on strategy? Reflecting on the rise of digital advice platforms, I'm struck with an emerging paradox: Digital ultimately seeks to mimic the human adviser / human advisers seek to mimic a digital experience. Are these two forces destined to dance around each other in perpetuity, or at some stage, will there be a meaningful merger of machine and human? Human financial advisers potentially still have an edge - Creativity. Trusted and true financial advisers are creative consultants. Digital advice platforms (and Kernel is one of them) that allow for the new breed (yet to truly emerge in my opinion) of financial advisers will succeed, if the integration of human and machine is done thoughtfully and at the right pace from the consumers perspective.

Keen to invest in New Zealand Commercial property? Direct commercial property investment has its place, but it is rather hungry in the area of equity required to get off the ground. If you're an everyday Kiwi who's looking to gain some exposure to commercial real estate, then Kernel has a fund that tracks the performance of 8 commercial property funds in NZ. Low fees, low initial upfront investment - simple.

Investing vs trading. I think a lot of investors, especially outside of property, come to the party expecting and exciting, dynamic, and labour-intensive journey. In reality, that's what trading is - high risk, high transaction costs, and inevitably a high likelihood that you'll converge to the average over time regardless. Why bother? Investing is different - it's a long term move in a positive direction, which counter-intuitively does not actually require a lot of work and as a result, shouldn't be that expensive either.

Check out what Kernel Wealth is all about here:


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