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Emma: An everyday, first-time property investor

Episode Summary

Everyday Investors are normal, everyday people who bring all of who they are, to the markets they want to participate in - in this case for Emma, it's property.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the story of Emma - it's not the full story, but a part of it...

It's taken two properties to finally get to where Emma, her hubby, and their daughter, are happy. Living peacefully among the kanuka's, they love their home - it's a smart home too because it pays them to be there via the self-contained flat that's rented out. Even though there's a mortgage, there's no net mortgage payment to contend with.

Emma's smart like this - she didn't read about how to do this, she simply took one step at a time.

The reason I wanted Emma to share her story on the podcast is that Emma and her partner are a terrific example of how quite different people can make unified financial decisions, and good ones too, even when there's FUD everywhere (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

Recently, Emma and her partner purchased their first investment property. They may not have a portfolio of properties yet but they do have a story that I think we can learn from, especially for first-timers.

Things haven't come easy for this couple, and, when making financial decisions, they've faced two very big challenges that will resonate with a lot of people.

1 - Having an irregular income source. This has to be one of the top reasons why many self-employed Kiwi's don't interact with building wealth as easily as others - they're financially excluded. You're either on top of the world with a big payday coming in, or you're in the depths of despair scratching around to pay your bills.

2 - Having a partner that's different to you. You may see the logic but your partner's just 'not there' yet. Or perhaps you may have some pretty crazy idea's, and you need someone to keep you fully planted on the ground. Being with someone who's different is good, but it makes decision making a little 'challenging' sometimes.

Enjoy the podcast and thanks again Emma for sharing your story!

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