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Brooke Roberts: Sharesies - a solution for the NZ Everyday Investor

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Brooke Roberts, one of the co-founders of Sharesies. Lowering barriers of entry to historically restrictive investments.

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Brooke Roberts joins us today to discuss the sharemarket - lowering barriers of entry to an historically restrictive market.

Why should those with $50 not have the same opportunities as those with $500k. Brooke joins host Darcy Ungaro and the mysterious 'Pumpkin' as they ponder this question, as well as others

Brooke Roberts is a co-founder and CEO of Sharesies. Sharesies aims to give someone with $5 the same investment opportunities as someone with $500,000. Sharesies removes the high investment buy-in and financial jargon that surrounds the investment industry. Their philosophy is that people should be able to invest regular amounts that they can afford. Recently celebrating a year since Sharesies launch, they now have over 21,000 customers who have invested over $22m.
Brooke has a Masters of Finance with Distinction and previously managed Kiwibank's saving, transactional and investment portfolio and led Xero's global ecosystem development.

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