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Theo Gibson and Dee West: EVconomics // How Creative Destruction Can Save Our World

Episode Summary

EVconomics // How Creative Destruction Can Save Our World! Theo Gibson and Dee West share their enthusiasm for Electric Vehicles and Darcy breaks down the numbers. IF it's economical to switch over to electric now, what does that do to the value of your current petrol vehicle !?

Episode Notes

Being an environmentalist while driving a diesel SUV is like going to McDonalds for the salad.

Now I’m not going to pretend to be a tree hugger – I do like burning wood as much as the next guy though! To state that you ‘stand’ for anything is like putting a big target on your back labelled ‘hypocrite’ – because sooner or later someone’s going to spot you contradicting your beliefs when you think no one’s looking. There’s wisdom in being quiet about your charity.


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Theo Gibson is a technology-based practitioner with a broad range of experience in theatre, film and video production. He currently works as a podcaster, producer, creative director and film/tv technician where his computer technical skills and experience with film production give him a creative edge. Theo's a bit of a genius too, he's actually converted a vehicle from petrol to electric - he know's his stuff.

Dee West is a passionate social and environmental sustainability advocate, and an enthusiastic communicator. Conversations for good is her tag line, because doesn't want to focus on problems, instead she cares much more about finding and executing solutions. She believes that the world can and will be a better place with a strengthened sense of connection and community. Her family has a full Electric Vehicle fleet including one Leaf, a Tesla P85+, Tesla P90D, and a Tesla Roadster. Dee and her husband Steve have built a completely off the grid holiday home among 50 acres of native and planted forest near Matakana in Auckland, where they share this space with people and causes. Dee and her hubby are the proud (and often exhausted) parents of four amazing children, born in 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2014. Dee's also involved in Chargenet, NZ best run and resourced electric vehicle charging network.

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