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Dr Zainab Radhi: Alternative funding for property and small business that works

Episode Summary

Dr Zainab Radhi: An alternative to funding property and small business that works

Episode Notes

A personal note in light of the recent events in Christchurch:

I was fortunate to meet with Zainab and spend a couple of hours with her in the studio recently for this recording - personally it was an enriching experience to learn more about the Muslim community that is now part of NZ - I'm saddened as all NZ is around what has happened recently and offer up genuine heartfelt condolences to those impacted by this terrorist attack.

This is part two of a recording with Dr Zainab Radhi

In this episode we're continuing the discussion on the tools of Islamic Finance have - this could be a valid system and a new way for everyday NZ'ers to build wealth. We're talking today about how it works with property and how it could also work for small to medium-sized enterprises (SME's)

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