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Episode Summary

The following episode was first published in June 2018 and has been re-published to provide an introduction into a month devoted to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The 'web 3.0' will change the world and it will likely start somewhere in the world of finance. It's critical therefore that we maintain an open mind - enjoy this episode with Sam Blackmore as my special guest.

Episode Notes

Sam Blackmore, CEO and co-founder of Vimba (MyCryptoSaver)gives a unique insight into a technology that will change the world!

Sam's not a nut-job - but he's an advocate for a technology that has the power to change the world - Blockchain.

Blockchain had a baby called Bitcoin, right after the Global Financial Crisis in 2007 - it mysteriously came on the scene from a person calling himself 'Satoshi Nakamoto'. Bitcoin is likely the most famous of a group of crypto-currencies that have been birthed amid growing distrust in the current global financial system. Many believe that crypto-currency can change the world by enabling people to freely move value directly between each other without having a third party (including a government). Can it really change the world though?

You could focus on the hype, and the fact that if you purchased a bitcoin ages ago you'd be driving a Lambo today, but Sam prefers to focus on the tech. Being a software engineer by trade he first became involved with Bitcoin in 2012 and is also an avid Linux user and Open Source Software advocate. He founded MyCryptoSaver (then called MyBitcoinSaver) in 2014. He previously co-founded a successful web development company with over 10 staff and before that he built a weather forecasting startup that he sold.

Darcy Ungaro interviewed Sam Blackmore on Bitcoin specifically - this recording was done about 12 months ago and interestingly, the value of Bitcoin has indeed increased significantly even on what we predicted on this episode.

Darcy Ungaro and NZ Everyday Investor in no way are recommending you purchase Bitcoin, but please do your research in this area and if you proceed, only invest as much as you are prepared to lose. If you feel like you're ready to get involved with Bitcoin click here - by signing up you will also be financially supporting the NZ Everyday Investor in a small way.

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